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Garphyttan's clothing combines outdoor life, work and leisure - both in terms of design and function. The vision is a clothing collection that breaks boundaries and inspires the wearer to break boundaries.

Our clothes

Johan Skullman is the man behind the design of Garphyttan's clothes. He is a survival expert and an icon in the outdoor world. He has designed all the clothing based on his own requirements for when he is active. The clothes must be comfortable, durable and multifunctional. They are just as suitable for those of you who live an active life out in nature, as those of you who simply spend time around the house and fix things in the garden.

With clothes from Garphyttan, you will quickly notice how the pockets are positioned exactly where you want them, and that the clothing can be adjusted according to the environment and occasion

In the design process, Johan strives for an interaction between people and nature. Anyone who wears Garphyttan clothing can see that the clothes are durable, both in terms of quality of the clothing, but also from a global environmental perspective.

Johan Skullman

Nature has always played an important role for Johan. An active outdoor life, such as orienteering and cross-country skiing epitomised his childhood. Johan is a well-known figure in the outdoor world, and he works on a daily basis as an expert for some of the biggest players in the Nordic region within this area.

Garphyttans chief product devloper, Johan Skullman has more than 30 years of experience as an officer and fieldoperator in the Swedish Armed Forces where he was responsible for the field testing procedure, requirements and specifications for soldiers protective clothing and equipment, such as ballistic protection & load carrying systems.

During his time in the military he became a survival instructor & moutain leader and he was also formally educated in the fields of applied physiology, textile engineering & functional design. He also have extended insight in other outdoor working categorys like power supply and forestry.

For the last 10 years, after he retired from the military service he has accomplished many pioneering achievements for the outdoor market with brands like Hestragloves, Aclima, Morakniv, Fjällräven ao. Today he’s a part of Garphyttan Original and we put a lot of value into his experience & work with our testteam.


Garphyttan symbolises the old agricultural community: A life on farms, work in forests, on fields, factories, huts and smithies. The boundaries between work and leisure, people and nature, as well as indoors and outdoors, were not as clear cut as they are today; you lived as one with nature.

The hard life, in which raw materials from mountains and fields were processed into everyday products required durable, as well as reliable, clothing and tools.

It is the ideals and needs from this time that we at Garphyttan want to cherish.