Garphyttan READY-Bag


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Garphyttan READY-Bag is a bag that can store the most important equipment you might need in the event of unpredictable situations, and is a complete, portable survival kit. The main idea is to serve as inspiration for an active outdoor life, but also be able to be used in situations that can easily arise in everyday life. Hang the bag at home and take it with you easily in the car or when you head out in nature or on hiking trips, for example.

The bag and its contents are designed to cover your basic needs - you will find products for water purification, cooking and first aid in your Ready Bag. It is also equipped with items you need to make a fire and navigate.

Each individual item in the bag is hand-picked by Garphyttan's product developer, survival expert Johan Skullman, and comes with instructions.

The bag contains:

1 Victorinox EvoWood 17 Multitool
1 Morakniv Eldris Neck-kit with ignition steel
2 Nalgene water bottle 0,5 L
1 15 L Foldable water container
1 Optimus Electra FE Cook System
1 Optimus Gas container230 g
1 Grayl Ultralight, water purifier
1 pkg Micropur Quick 70 Tablets
1 UCO Original Candle Lantern
1 UCO Reserve Glass for Candle Lantern
1 UCO 3 pack of candles with 9 hours burn time
1 UCO Hurricane Match Kit
1 pkt Liljeholmens candles 50-pack
1 st Petzl Tikka headlamp
1 Sangean Survival radio
1 Compass, Silva Ranger
1 Cederroth First Aid Kit

Note that the READY-Bag is intended for mobile use and doesn't replace the need for a well-planned risk preparedness at home.

Available in a very limited quantity, consider refraining from buying if you have the possibility to put together a similar kit using items you already have access to.


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